Improving your business solutions alignment begins with understanding your business process

Architecture Consulting

Many companies paint themselves into an uncomfortable corner through "silo" thinking, or looking at one small part or slice of their technical environment to solve a limited set of business problems. Enterprise Architecture is a more holistic view of an organization's infrastructure, applications, and data; including improving the alignment of these solutions with your business process and goals. Spectrum's architecture consulting services bring tools, methodology, and experience to each project to help our customers with the following types of engagements:

♦ Defining and Implementing a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
♦ Improving IT and Business Alignment
♦ Implementing Application Portfolio Management Processes
♦ Jump Starting an Enterprise Architecture Program
♦ Assessing of an existing Enterprise Architecture Program
♦ Defining an IT Strategy
♦ Creating Information and Business Process Models
♦ Defining an Enterprise Architecture Blueprint and Roadmap
♦ Designing Enterprise Application Integration Solutions

The key value of our approach to Enterprise Architecture is not understanding or documenting a single segment, such as technology or business processes, but rather in understanding the relationships between each of the segments. Those relationships are leveraged as you begin to make changes. When your company's enterprise architecture information is structured to understand the relationships between the elements of your enterprise, it can help you answer "what-if" questions.