Make your guest experiences a memorable one with impressive virtual assistance.

Concierge Virtual Assistant

Guest Convenience. Guest Engagement. Customer Loyalty. Always On.

Northstar Concierge cements the bond between guests and your resort. Use Concierge to help your guests find, experience and remember great moments while at your resort.

Concierge provides the ultimate in personalized guest activity scheduling with its easy-to-use search and reserve functionality.

Your guests will always be "in touch" with their next great experience.


  • Make reservations from anywhere on the resort premises
  • Easy-to-use search and reserve functionality
  • Display a complete guest reservation itinerary
  • Get details and reservation info into all resort activities - golf, spa, events, etc


  • Enhances guest loyalty
  • Provides convenience for guests
  • Maintains a comprehensive guest list of booked activities
  • Accessible from anywhere - even off-premise - with web-interface