Your virtual resort - go where your guests are.


Drive Revenue. Guest Convenience. Always Available. Easy-to-shop.

Northstar eCommerce provides a virtual shopping experience for your guests and customers. From the Northstar back-office, we provide easy-to-use web-interface screens to manage and push your products, services or packages to the virtual world where your customers can enjoy shopping in total comfort and at their convenience.

The fully integrated eCommerce module keeps track of shopping-carts, payments, order fulfillment status and much more.


  • Integrates with inventory module
  • Maintains secure guest/customer member login
  • Demographics and psychographic profile data reporting
  • Multiple check-out payment options including on-account charges for clubs


  • One system manages all from inventory to order fulfilment to replenishment
  • Historical data from individual purchases to aggregate sales
  • Easy-to-manage virtual store simplifies last-minute-changes
  • Reduced time and effort required to promote and move products in virtual world
  • Drive additional revenue and turn inventory quicker