Bringing resort operations and the guest experience into sharper focus with more, faster data insight and visibility for timely decision-making

Operational Intelligence

Intelligence from Single Source Database.

Northstar collects and manages all of your data in a single database to provide a complete 360-degree view of your operation, your guests' experiences and their individual and collective impact on your bottom-line. As your data needs grow, Northstar software is designed to scale efficiently (for speed and storage) on standard hardware so you always keep you historical data on hand.

Search and Investigate.

Search and analyze real-time and historical business and transaction data from the single database. Search tools make it easy to drill down into the data across modules to find trends and facts. With Northstar's web-interface you can trace transactions across multiple modules using the familiar web links feature. Store search results using the graphical reporting engine and re-use your search query over again directly from the menu.

Create Knowledge.

Northstar will help uncover knowledge from within your data by unlocking the intricate interactions and trends between data elements. It provides a customizable platform for expanding database elements to allow personalization of guest data to meet your business' demographic and psychographic information needs.

Monitor and Alert.

Northstar turns your searches and instructions into real-time alerts that automatically trigger notifications such as sending automated emails, posting on-screen updates or text message feeds for mobile communication. Alerts can be set to any level of granularity and can be based on a variety of thresholds, trend-based conditions and complex patterns such as guest-centric conditions for spend, visits or aggregate purchases over a timeframe.