Deploying global resources around the clock to solve complex problems


The global, flexible delivery capabilities that Spectrum has mastered during the last decade allow us to help our clients achieve rapid deployment, world-class quality and reduced costs.

The Spectrum brand of transparent outsourcing provides private and public sector enterprises high-quality work, constant productivity and significant financial savings. And because Spectrum experts close to the client provide world-class project management skills, we are able to offer greater comfort and less risk than other models.

Spectrum established offshore facility in India. Our facility in India provides high-quality and cost-effective services for our clients. Spectrum saw the value that could be unleashed by combining homegrown market knowledge and deep vertical industry expertise with the pure elasticity of outsourcing.

An industry leader in successfully integrating offshore capabilities into its service offerings, Spectrum pioneered a global delivery model that is transparent, flexible and seamless. Onsite project managers work hand in hand with our clients to ensure the successful delivery of offsite and offshore projects. Our global offices including our certified development center are tied together by a world-class infrastructure with client satisfaction as its foundation.