Provide convenience and functionality for an enjoyable shopping experience.

Retail Management

Fast Touch-screen POS. Real-time Inventory. Mobile/iPad. Integrated Check-in.

Northstar Retail POS system integrates directly with the inventory module and includes full credit book capability. Maximize your guest experience, take control of inventory and secure your POS system at every level and point of access.


  • Ultra-fast, web-interface Touch-screen
  • Multiple Settlement Types
  • Membership Validation
  • Multiple Menu Capabilities
  • Issuing/Redeeming Gift Certificates
  • Credit Book Management
  • Member Purchasing History Displayed On-screen
  • Programmable Discounts and Open Keys
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Price Checks and Inventory Look-up
  • Multi-level Security


  • Easy Check Splitting
  • Tournament Billing
  • Integration with Inventory and Membership Modules