Transform your Spa into a truly unique guest experience with unique functionality.

Spa Management

Appointment Book. Gift Certificates. CRM / Marketing. Guest History. Integrated.

Northstar Spa software is designed to drive communications and engagement with your spa customers. From well before their appointment to well after the service is completed, Northstar Spa keeps you well connected with your guests so you can provide a memorable experience.

Northstar Spa maintains preferences and notes, schedules, services, resources and integrates with other Northstar modules to provide real-time reports trends and much more to help manage your Spa.


  • Guest profiles
  • Inventory Management
  • Online Reservations
  • Unlimited Rooms Management
  • Unlimited Resource Management
  • Inventory Integration
  • POS Integration


  • Full integration with your Guest database saves time and cost
  • Configure the module to suit your Spa business
  • Integrated CRM allows for real-time marketing to guest and customers
  • Complete POS and Financial reporting integration
  • Demographic and psychographic drill-down provides deep customer data analytics
  • Web interface for easy-to-use and access from anywhere
  • Configurable security allowing departmental divisions within Spa operations