Advanced guest-centric solutions for resort marketing, multi-channel reservations and revenue management delivered on-premise or as SaaS


A Great Solution Starts with Ideas and Robust Architecture

Northstar is designed to help resorts manage, service and communicate with guests and staff in a more efficient and effective manner. We believe in developing software solutions that enrich the lives of the people who use them.

Two Delivery Models, Same Great Solution

Northstar software is installed on-premise providing a secure environment behind the firewall or delivered in the cloud in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. In either option, the solution provides the same high level of features and benefits, offers operational flexibility, low maintenance and room to scale the business and move from one model to the other, if desired.

Industry-standard Technology

Northstar uses global industry standard databases and web-interface technology. The Northstar software frontend consists of a Java web technologies application and uses a 100% MySQL database backend. This makes the application modules plug-n-play deployable, fully integrated, easy-to-implement, simple to learn, and easy-to-manage and monitor. As an added bonus, Northstar requires considerably less IT support (for an on-premise deployment) than other products offering comparable complex solutions.

Eliminate Wasteful Costs: Consolidate Software "Silos"

Northstar enables "single-point" operational visibility across the entire application suite to dramatically reduce inefficiency and improve productivity and service. Its single platform (from database engine to menu system to user interface design) provides a consistent and dependable flow of business processes that are easy-to-learn, understand and use. Consolidating existing software "silos" to Northstar will streamline your processes, improve service and drive ROI benefits.

Connected, Secure and Configurable Modules

Northstar consists of a series of discrete application modules that meet specific business or operational functions. The software modules are delivered as on-premise or as SaaS and are fully configurable to meet your business requirements including maintenance screens to personalize business processes, to maintain secure role-based, user privileges and to manage online services and mobile access for your customers.

Application Scalability

Northstar software is designed to easily scale to hundreds of users across one or multiple locations and departments.

Integration and Configurability

Northstar is architected in discrete modules of core functionality that can operate individually or function as an integrated single platform. This allows resorts to deploy the software specific to their business needs and system architecture requirements. Once deployed, a module automatically "snaps" into an integrated platform environment and communicates seamlessly with the rest of the software platform.

Physical or Virtual

Northstar software can be deployed on-premise on either physical or virtual serve configurations to allow better optimization of hardware resources.