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Golf and Tee-time Mgmt

Fast. Mobile. Multi-course. Integrated. Easy-to-use.

Northstar Golf Management module integrates fully with golf and resort operations providing constant real-time information on tee-sheet bookings, detailed player reservations and check-in time management via the Starter Sheet, which can also be managed using the Northstar Retail POS in the golf shop.

The Golf and Tee-times Management modules allows set-up of multiple courses at multiple locations with multiple tee-sheet templates to suit your operations. It maintains a complete history of the transactions for statistical analysis of rounds and business performance.


  • Selecting a group of 1-some, 2-some, 3-some, or 4-some
  • Selecting a resource type which may include a golf cart or a Caddie
  • Course Setup schedule
  • Report on rounds played; complete statistics
  • A zip code feature for the selected Golf Course designed to forecast weather conditions


  • Full course access control
  • Ability to track all golfing activities
  • Improved efficiency
  • Operate in real time