Personalized notifications tell you what you need to know and when you need to know it.


Customizable. Mobile. Integrated. Powerful. Actionable.

Northstar StreamAlerts engine offers a unique way for resort management, staff or guests to stay connected with events happening in real-time with user-defined trigger point measurements and KPI tracking.

The functionality can be activated in many areas of Northstar including Banquets & Catering, Accounts Receivable, F&B Point of Sale, Membership, Rooms Management, and Retail Point of Sale.

StreamAlerts can be channeled to several devices including smartphones, on-screen pop-up notifications, or emails. Each alert can have its own set of recipients. For example, appropriate resort staff can be alerted when specific events occur (i.e. reservations for an event hit 75%, a VIP guest/member arrives on premise, or when the kitchen has run out of a specific food item).

StreamAlerts can be created for counts, financial results, tracking and a number of other items. The database platform allows users to customize their notifications using easy on-screen parameter-driven lists to tailor the notification criteria desired and preferred distribution channel.


  • User-defined thresholds
  • Multiple alert delivery methods including text message, screen pop-up, and email
  • Each alert can be sent to a unique set of recipients
  • Alerts can be easily activated or de-activated, added or removed
  • Real-time notification...minimal delays


  • Mobile alerts free managers from their desks
  • Real-time information enables swift action and better service
  • Receive critical alerts by smartphone and less-critical ones by email
  • No additional hardware or software needed
  • Quickly add and customize your specific alert request