We've earned the trust of our customers' - and their customers' - since 2003

Why Northstar

Simply put, we understand your business, we understand your customers and we employ the most engaging, curious, innovative, hard-working and passionate developers and thought leaders to create tomorrow's solutions while delivering today to satisfy your needs.

No matter your resort niche, Northstar will help you achieve important business, operational and cultural goals using advanced tools to:

1. Improve overall employee productivity and guest efficiency by extending use of modern web-interface tools

2. Facilitate a culture of up-sell, cross-sell and pro-active servicing for your employees with easy-to-use software

3. Provide a true 360-degree look at your entire business in real-time from a live database

4. Engage your guests continuously with great experiences - before they arrive at the resort and long after they leave

Northstar software is the only true web-interface and web-enabled complete ERP software solution servicing the resort industry. The software provides the scalability to handle massive live transactional data streams from multiple touch-points including touch-screen POS terminals, back-office workstations or online virtual access points from desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile devices.

Eliminate Wasteful Costs: Consolidate Software "Silos"

Northstar software enables "single-point" operational visibility across the entire platform to dramatically reduce inefficiency and improve productivity and service. Its single platform (from database engine to menu system to user interface design) provides a consistent and dependable flow of business processes that are easy-to-learn, understand and use. Consolidating existing software "silos" to Northstar software will streamline your processes, improve service and drive ROI benefits.

Real-time Alerts

Northstar software delivers the ability to detect and investigate real-time business conditions based on user-defined threshold conditions. Northstar software provides real-time monitoring and proactive alerting with the ability to drill down into the data to investigate and help resolve issues or spot trends in dramatically less time.

Business and Data Analytics

Traditional business intelligence (BI) and data analytics tools run in batch mode and provide a limited view of what's really happening right now. With Northstar software, the analytics provide real-time, end-to-end visibility so that granular transactions such as guest purchases, inventory levels, trending sales, or a host of other important operational factors are available immediately for monitoring and decision-making.

ROI and Northstar

Northstar customers typically achieve an ROI measured in weeks or months, sometimes even before all the modules are fully implemented into production. Northstar users take little time to get familiar with the system's easy-to-use web interface, can look for answers in the data in mere minutes rather than days, can dramatically improve service levels, reduce time spent in the system, spend more time with guests and customers and generally make more productive use of their time. All this adds up to a faster ROI, new productivity achievements and powerful new insights for the business.